Media + Power guest lecture series

Here we collect and publish slides, links, references and audios from our 2019 guest talks.

13.11.19 - guest talk #1:

Maimuna Abdullahi & Fatima Doubakil: Islamophobic narratives in media

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From the event description: Maimuna Abdullahi and Fatima Doubakil will discuss the representation of Muslim people in (Swedish) media from a postcolonial perspective. They will, amongst others, draw examples from the ongoing debate about the “Burka Songs 2.0” screening. They are currently involved in a court case, suing the former Mayor of Gothenburg for defamation.

Fatima has an academic background in political science and Maimuna is a social worker currently pursuing her PhD. Fatima and Maimuna are both active in social justice work through multiple organizations, campaigning, advocacy and community organizing.

21.11.19 - guest talk #2:

Adrián Groglopo: The modern colonial modes of knowledge production - media and the securitization of colonial subjects

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From the event description: The lecture will be structured around three areas:
1) an introduction to key concepts on decolonial critique and world system analysis from Frantz Fanons view on the (post)colonial system
2) coloniality of knowledge and the imperial media
3) neoliberalism in crisis and the securitization of the Other as a cultural hegemonic project in the Westernized media.

Adrián Groglopo is a lecturer at the department of social work at the University of Gothenburg. He is a project leader of DENOR (research network decolonial critique, knowledge production and social change in the Nordic countries), which provides a decolonial perspective on knowledge and education in the Nordic countries. As an articulation between racism, capitalism and patriarchy generated through the processes of domination that became globalized in the wake of colonialism, coloniality (as the legacy of colonial knowledge and relationships, as well as global politics, geopolitics and world-colonial/modern system) continues to produce structures of inequality that render people as non-existent. DENOR addresses coloniality’s social, political, epistemic and ontological production of absences, and their connection to contemporary problems connected to knowledge and education in the Nordic countries, as well as examine how these may reproduce or be complicit with the problems of racism and social exclusion we are facing.

3.12.19 - guest talk #3:

Patricia Lorenzoni: When is life grievable? Media representation in the age of migration and increased border control

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From the event description: Part of the title of my talk is borrowed from Judith Butler’s 2009 book Frames of War. I will talk about Butler’s concept “politics of mourning”, and relate to media representation of migration and migrant death, with concrete examples from Swedish and EU news media. What are the unspoken premises in media report on migration. And, what can be done differently?

Patricia Lorenzoni holds a Ph.D. in History of Ideas and is currently a research fellow at the Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies on Racism, Uppsala University. Her research focus on representation and reception of violence in relation to coloniality and racialization. She is also active as an essayist and translator.

11.12.19 - guest talk #4:

Áine Kelly-Costello and Isabelle Ulfsdotter: Authentic disability reporting and inclusion in journalism

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From the event description: Two blind journalism students at GU, one from Sweden and one from New Zealand, will share their insights into disability representation within Swedish and English-speaking news reporting and offer suggestions for covering disability angles proactively, authentically and constructively. They will also discuss their experiences regarding accessibility when working as journalists.

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